10 easy ways to display your photos | Part one

10 ways to display photos

Well I’m on a mission to encourage everyone to actually print and display their photos! We all have so many photos, whether its from our phones, our own cameras or professional images. Then what happens…..they sit on the computer. Yes we’ll occasionally browse through them, but generally they’re never to be seen again! Here is part one of 10 easy peasy ways to display your photos in your home. So you can enjoy them, and remember the memories they hold.

photo ledge in playroom

Number 1: I think this has to be THE easiest way to display your photos. Find a shelf, or buy a picture ledge like this one from IKEA, and just rest your frames along it. So easy! You can swap out the photos whenever you like and you do’t have to put a bunch of nails in the wall. I have mine up in our playroom with my maternity photos and pictures of the kids on it.

entryway display

Number 2: Make a statement in your entryway. I find entryways are missed opportunities for displaying photographs. It is the perfect place to put them, so you and your visitors have something pretty to look at while taking off coats and shoes. I used two square frames from here with travel photos in.

photo on easel for display

Number 3: Display them on an easel. Mount your photo and rest it on an easel. It is so easy to move to any room in the house, and you can just switch up the photo when you fancy a change. No frame to worry about. My folio boxes contain matted images and are my absolute favourite product that I sell because of its versatility.

photos pegged to a frame

Number 4: Find a frame, remove the backing, staple chicken wire to the back and away you go. Or buy one at a vintage market like I did! Just use clothes pegs to attach your photos. Again, super easy to swap out the photos. I display mine in my hallway.

Gallery wall

Number 5: The Gallery Wall. So we’ve seen these all over Pinterest, but theres a reason for it, they’re so cool. Ok, if I’m completely honest, gallery walls are not easy to put up. You have to plan the spacing between each frame otherwise you will have an epic fail. It’s one of those organized chaos looks. Despite all that though, I can say it is completely worth it to spend the time doing it right. I just LOVE my gallery wall, and it gets so many comments from people walking into the room. I will do a post soon on my best tips for a great gallery wall.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on easy ways to display your photos!

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