10 easy ways to display your photos | part two

Well here is the second part of the series 10 easy ways to display your photos. I’m on a mission to get you to actually print and display those images that have been stuck on your computer for months or even years! When we moved into our new house 2 years ago, I made a commitment that as we completed the renovations of each room I would display our photos in there. I just love seeing them all on the walls now, and remembering those moments. So here is the next 5 easy ways to display your images. If you missed part one, see it here.

framed portrait

Number 6: Just grab a frame and lean it against the wall!! How is easy is that? No need for nails. Let’s be honest, we all have a spare frame laying around somewhere. I urge you to go and get it, put one of your favourite photos inside and just lean it on a piece of furniture for you to enjoy!

nursery wall display

Number 7: Display images in the kids bedroom, of the kids. I have a small gallery wall mixed with art in Mylas room, and in Rileys room, I just leant the frames up on his bookcase. I love seeing photos of them when they were younger, as they grow up so fast!

stairway gallery

Number 8: Utilize the wall along your stairs. This is the perfect blank canvas to display some pretty photos. The stairway down to basements are usually dark, and a little unwelcoming. So I decided to brighten ours up with family photos. I chose to mat them in a more modern way, which adds interest to the overall gallery. Explore different ways of matting your images other than the traditional centred mat.

before + after laundry room

Number 9: In the laundry room. I think this has to be the last place you would think to display photos. Gosh! How boring is it doing laundry? Most of us hate it, so adding a little something to brighten up the room is great. In ours I’ve used a framed photo to hide those ugly pipes. Yes, my husband did a great job at making them the neatest he could, but they still looked so awful to me. So I decided to frame a cheerful photo of one of our trips and leant it up against the wall. Voila! SO much better!! Now I can look at that bright photo and reminisce about our trip while folding that never ending pile of clothes.

wooden block with photos

Number 10: A wooden block with prints inside. Now I can’t take credit for this idea. I first saw it at Artifact Uprising and just loved it. Luckily I have a super handy husband that whipped up this block for me and I actually just printed the images on my home printer, because I’m impatient and I wanted it now! However I will definitely be ordering the refill pack of prints that Artifact Uprising offer. Just so cute, modern, versatile and inexpensive.

Well there you have it, 10 super easy ways to display your photos. So now you have no excuse, go and print your photos and proudly display them in your home. Post them to my Facebook page, I would love to see how you display your photos. Look out for future posts about gallery wall tips, and printing your photos in a store.

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