10 things you didn’t know about me | part two

So if you missed part one, you can see it here. I wanted to give you a quick little insight into who I am, what I love and who inspires me.  So here is part two…

6/ Photos of me have appeared in magazines. The history to that is that I have been lucky enough to have Elizabeth from Adore Pictures  photograph both my maternity sessions, which turned out amazing. However, the first shoot we did at Manning Park in the snow, and we completely lucked out with bright sunshine that day after the wind died down, and found this cute little spot that was so beautiful. These photos were featured on a popular blog and have since appeared all over Pinterest, Google and have now been featured in numerous magazines. So cool!

maternity shoot


7/ I have travelled to 16 countries around the world, and have many more on my bucket list. My mum is a great traveller so I think I get the travel bug from her. In school and university I would make the most of any exchange trips or school funded trips, as I knew this would be the cheapest time to travel ever in my life. Then a few years ago Dave and I went on a European cruise with some friends and it was amazing. We saw so many wonderful sights and definitely have a few places we would like to go back to, as we didn’t have long enough there. I think Rome surprised me the most, as there is just so much to see, a different monument, building or sculpture around every corner. I definitely want to go back, and Santorini was well…..just stunning!


8/ I have many photographer inspirations such as Sue Bruce, Annie Leibovitz and Karolina Kuras to name only a few. But two people who inspire me personally are my mum and Myla. My mum is the strongest person I know. She is brave, adventurous, kind, generous, fun. As for Myla, she is also brave and adventurous, curious and friendly (she says hi to everyone!). Despite all her limitations she does not hold back in life. I love them both dearly. I should also give a huge shout out to my son Riley, who has the patience of a saint, and is the kindest most thoughtful brother.

Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography brother_sister_shoot_siblings_christmas

9/ I only look at the photos in magazines. I rarely read all that writing! Only to find out where it was bought from and how much it cost. I think that’s why I love Pinterest and Instagram so much, as its all photos.

pinterest board

10/ I love crime drama. My favourites are Criminal Minds, C.S.I (sad thats finished), Luther (sad thats finished too!). I wanted to be a forensic scientist except I was rubbish at science!! I’ve no idea why I love it so much, maybe the puzzle solving.


Well that’s it! I hope that gives you a little more insight into my little quirks!

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