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For todays Fancy Friday I’d like to share with you how I made the gorgeous chiffon flower clips that adorn the bags when you purchase a gift certificate from me. These would make lovely stocking stuffers for a sister, daughter, niece or best friend. Or you could use it to complete a beautifully wrapped gift.

Photography by Michelle Horsman PhotographyPhotography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Materials – makes 3 flowers

.25 metre Chiffon

.25 metre tulle

flower template (found at the bottom of the page)



embellishment for the middle (beads, pearls or buttons)

hair clip

brooch pin

small piece of felt

hot glue gun



First I cut a strip of chiffon the width of the fabric and about 5 inches long. Then I folded it so it created a 5 inch square. Pin the flower template to the folded fabric. Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Cut around the template to create the flower shapes with the fabric. Do this for all 3 sizes in both the chiffon fabric & the tulle. You should get 10 flower shapes from each set of folded fabric. Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Next, you need to singe the edges of each flower shape using the heat from a candle. They will naturally curl to create petal shapes. Please be careful here not to burn your fingers or your home down!!Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Then you need to layer each size of flower on top of each other. First lay the biggest chiffon flower, then another one, but this time turn it a little so it rests in between the petals of the first layer. Add the largest tulle flower shape on top, and move onto the middle size chiffon flower shapes. Keep rotating the flower shapes so they eventually create a full looking flower, finishing with the smallest size flower shape last. Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Now you need to use the thread to sew all the layers together. Go up from underneath and through all the layers and then back down through the middle. Do this quite a few times to secure all the layers.Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Once you are done sewing the middle, it should be slightly pinched. Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

You then need to add your embellishment to the middle. I used a rhinestone button for mine, however you could use a regular button, beads or pearls. Once you are finished it should look like this!Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

To turn into something that you can wear you need to add either a brooch pin or a hair clip, or both, which is what I did. I used hot glue to secure these to the back, and then used a small piece of felt to give it a bit more sturdiness.Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Volia! It is fairly simple to make, but I do have to warn you that it took me about 2 hours to make these three, so it is a little time consuming. They are well worth it though and have multiple uses. As a women’s portrait photographer I am always looking for accessories that can be very versatile & used in several ways to create different looks. My suggestions are to add it a pretty necklace, use it as a hair clip, pin it to a top or jacket as a brooch or attach to a scarf to pretty it up. I’m sure there are many other uses too!Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

Here is the template for all 3 flower shapes. Drag the template image to your desktop then set your printer to fill the entire page & they will print the right size. Have fun!!what _to_wear_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0023

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    Inspired!, thank you!ReplyCancel

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    Thank you for the tutorial. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel