Fancy Friday | How to look “put together”

So I want to tell you a quick story. I was in the bank the other day, and I go in there quite often so I know a lot of the tellers in there. Anyway the teller that day said to me ” I don’t know how you look so put together this early in the morning. I don’t look that put together, even at 3 in the afternoon, and I don’t have kids”.  My reply was “Who me? Really?”. Honestly, I hardly ever feel put together, especially herding  three year old Riley around, and carrying my daughter Myla, who seems to be getting heavier by the day. I usually feel frazzled, hot and bothered. I have friends that I always think look SO put together and wish I could be like them. I guess this proves the point that us women often do not see ourselves the way other people do. Which is why I love photographing women, so that I can be the one that shows them how truly beautiful they are, even if they don’t always feel like they are.

Anyway it got me thinking, what did I do different today to make her pay me a compliment like that. I realized it was two very simple things that I did.

I added a scarf & some long earrings to my otherwise pretty blah outfit. How easy is that?! Especially for a mom on the go. Here is my before and after.Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

So here are some scarf and earring suggestions for you, so that you might look more put together even if you don’t actually feel it!what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0008what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0003what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0002

 I found all these on Esty. Love that site, warning though, it is addicting.what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0005

These gorgeous earrings are from Stella and Dot. If you don’t know of a stylist representative you can contact Scarlett.what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0006what to wear_scarf_portrait_photography_0007

These earrings are all from Le Chateau.

Have fun shopping & enjoy your weekend!

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  • Rachel RobertsNovember 8, 2014 - 7:06 am

    Such an easy tip! Wish I could do one of your photo sessions 😉 !ReplyCancel