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Hello! I’m Michelle and I’ve been a photographer for many years now. I used to mainly photograph families & boudoir, and then one day, during the many hours I somehow seem to spend on Pinterest, I discovered a gorgeous photograph of a woman take by an Australian Photographer. It was a portrait, but it had a fashion magazine feel to it. I fell in love with that style of photography and knew this was how I wanted to photograph women. I wanted to make the everyday woman look & feel just as glamorous as those fashion models, no matter what size, age or shape. So I set about studying this photographer in great detail, watched her online courses, practiced & practiced posing on friends & myself, photographed women of all shapes & sizes until I had mastered it!  Then…..I fell pregnant with my second child and the whole thing came grinding to a halt!

One of my gorgeous friends I practiced on!


That was two years ago, but during those years I have honed my skill even more and with the help of a very close & fabulous friend, I am now excited to announce that I have opened a new Portrait studio in Chilliwack, specializing in women’s glamour portraits. If you would you like to look & feel like a model for a day, and see yourself photographed like a fashion model, then this is the place for you! Enjoy this wonderful experience with your mom, sister, best friend or partner. Get pampered, photographed and see yourself like you’ve never seen before.  More details are coming soon.

For now,  feel free to explore my Website & browse the digital “Portrait Guide” magazine.

The beautiful studio


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    MY GOAL... is to create the best portrait you've ever had


    In a world of social media perfection, I as a mother of two in her forties, knows how easy it is to lose confidence in our how we look and our abilities. The never ending comparison game is real. This goes for some men out there too.


    I invite you to a portrait session with me, where I will show you how the rest of world sees you. Let me help you embrace your perfect imperfections. For my female clients I offer a stylist to help you with hair & make up, boosting your confidence before you even get in front of the camera. I will direct and pose you right down to your fingers so no need to worry about being photogenic. Put your trust in me and I promise you won't be disappointed.


    Contact me and let's create the perfect portrait session for you.