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I have been using my hairstylist Katreina for the almost 5 years. I think most girls know the struggles we go through to find a good stylist that does exactly what you ask for, but also has the vision & delicacy to steer you in a direction that they feel would suit you better. Katreina is it!! I regularly get asked who does my hair, not because I make it look amazing I might add, it’s all down to a great colour that looks natural & a great cut that somehow always looks good, even if you’ve just had a baby and haven’t made it to the salon in 6 months!!

As a portrait photographer, the hair and make up is very important, not only to the overall look but how it makes you feel in front of the camera. My stylists do an amazing job, but it sure is easier if you have a great cut and colour in the first place. If you are looking for a great stylist, who is friendly, puts you at ease, keeps up to date with all the latest trends & products then Katreina is for you! Please bare in mind that she is booked 6-8 weeks ahead though. So make sure you plan your hair cut accordingly before your portrait session. You can find her here Sublime Hair Garage.

Anyway, here she is. The beautiful Katriena, and I am excited to be photographing her and her daughter in the studio next week.fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0024fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0032fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0028fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0027fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0026fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0031fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0025fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0030fraser_valley_womens_portrait_photography_vancouver_fraser_valley_0029If you would like to book a session with me or just come and have a chat, ask me any questions you have, see the studio & beautiful products then give me a call! 604 798 2648

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    MY GOAL... is to create the best portrait you've ever had


    In a world of social media perfection, I as a mother of two in her forties, knows how easy it is to lose confidence in our how we look and our abilities. The never ending comparison game is real. This goes for some men out there too.


    I invite you to a portrait session with me, where I will show you how the rest of world sees you. Let me help you embrace your perfect imperfections. For my female clients I offer a stylist to help you with hair & make up, boosting your confidence before you even get in front of the camera. I will direct and pose you right down to your fingers so no need to worry about being photogenic. Put your trust in me and I promise you won't be disappointed.


    Contact me and let's create the perfect portrait session for you.