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christmas photo card

Yes it’s Nov 10th and I’ve said the dreaded C word….Christmas! It is only 6 weeks away, and this is every photographer and printers busiest time of the year! If you haven’t thought about your christmas cards then you need to. Please, I beg you, don’t leave it until the last minute 🙂 I have listed my favourite vendors for printing christmas cards. All these vendors ship to Canada too! Obviously the quickest and easiest way to get your cards is to order them through your photographer, but if you like to be a little creative then there are some great options out there.

christmas photo card

1: – I love this company. They have some of the best designs out there, I had a really hard time choosing just 6 to showcase. Great contemporary designs which include the super pretty foil cards that we’re seeing lots of this year.

christmas photo cardchristmas photo card

2: – Loving these modern designs, especially the rustic wooden one at the top.

christmas photo card

3: – These are much more contemporary than the other vendors, so if you’re looking for an uber cool design, Paper Culture is where to look.

christmas photo card

5: – These are much more traditional designs, and include the ever popular shaped cards that we all still love so much.

christmas card photo card

6: – As most of you know, this is one of my favourite vendors for all printed products. I love their clean modern designs and that they use 100% recycled paper. The 3 in 1 card is such a good idea, you can tear off the words and use it as a gift tag and have the photo as keepsake.

Well there you are, my round up of the best cards out there. There’s definitely no excuse to not send out a christmas card this year.

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