What legacy will you leave?


I’d like you to meet Joe: the husband, grandfather and friend who reminds us that in life, it’s the people and experiences that really matter. He asks you the question –

What legacy will you leave?

It’s so important to print our photos! Yes having a digital backup is great, but scrolling through photos on the computer will never be the same as thumbing through a well loved album or seeing your loved ones everyday on your walls. I know how easy it is to put this at the bottom of the to do list, but I urge you you move it to the top. In the next few weeks I’ll show you quick and easy ways to print and display your photos. Heres number one –

Last year I discovered an amazing album company that prides themselves on using environmentally friendly products without charging an arm & a leg! Artifact Uprising is available to anyone, and has a wide variety of modern printed products that are very reasonably priced. For Christmas last year I decided to create an album of the kids throughout the year, and gift them to the grandparents. This might sound like a chore, but the whole project took me just over an hour (and I hadn’t even organized my photos). Artifact Uprising have a great album builder with templates where you just drag and drop your photos. So easy!! I will be doing this every year now.

You can even add your instagram images of everyday life, which is so great to remember the little things that happened.

I display my album on a hutch so that anyone visiting can feel free to pick it up & take a look. I’d have it on my coffee table if it wasn’t for 2 pairs of sticky fingers!

Please, please print your photos and leave your legacy behind!

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